That was the most fun I’ve had in crazy weather! More than NC24 spring 2013 in the wind and snow! Even when conditions were not ideal for performances, the race staff and volunteers made sure we had everything we needed for a good time! Thank you Dan Horvath and everyone involved for a memorable race that will keep me smiling for a long time!!


( Alene )

Another great experience at the NC24. Thanks to Dan, the volunteers and all of the runners who were so nice and friendly. Special thanks to Bill Damman who gave us ice every lap to keep us cool in the heat of the afternoon. That was a race saver for us. Missed the flying nuns this year but Kale Yeah was very impressive and entertaining.


( Dominick & Marge )

Well let me start off with THIS WAS THE COOLEST THING I HAVE DONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I ran 58 something miles because of the AMAZING volunteers, other runners, and the all around cheerfulness of everybody!


( Angela )

This was our sixth NorthCoast 24 (and ninth 24-hour run) and we’re always amazed by how well organized it always is. A HUGE thank you to all the organizers, leaders, volunteers, medical team, food providers and servers, etc.!!! And what a thrill it is to witness the endurance of all the runners and what they are able to accomplish. Truly awesome! Looking forward to seeing you all again!


( Dave and Susan )



How do I turn my Keurig off?

Keurig brewing system is a premium-level coffee maker which is well-known for providing its users with one of the best tasting and flavored coffees. The machine works quite well enabling users to handle it utmost ease and comfort. These recommendations for the single server coffee makers stand out from the existing models available in the market.  To use the coffee maker, all users have to do is insert coffee filed cartridge into the machine, press the power on button and within few seconds a single cup of fresh coffee will be available for them. Apart from providing ease and comfort the best Keurig Coffee makers also does not require the users to spend much time on cleaning the machine.

Preparing Coffee with Keurig

While coffee is getting prepared in the machine, users can just lay back and wait for the coffee to be in their hand in next few minutes. For performing all this on the machine, user is required to turn on the machine and give one and a half minute to the machine to heat the water. Once use of machine gets completed, the next most important thing to do and keep in mind is, turn it off. Thus preparing coffee with the best Keurig Coffee makers is a simple thing to do, wherein users have to just press some buttons and wait for the coffee to be in their hands.

Turn off Keurig

Once you have coffee in your hands, don’t forget to turn off the machine. Follow steps mentioned below for turning it off;

  1. Power button of the machine is placed towards the top right hand corner.
  2. Press it and within no time machine shall be turned off.
  3. If in case, there appears a bug in the machine it is advisable to pull the plug of machine.

Only in situations of bug or any other issue with the machine, it is recommended to pull off the plug else machine should be closed down using the power button.

Why is it recommended to turn off the machine?

Since the heating element of machine is the first thing which needs repair, it is always recommended to both residential and commercial users to turn the machine off. This way immense cost of repairing the machine can be saved and it can remain operational for years. Thus by simply turning off the machine after use, long years of life can be given to Keurig saving cost for the users.

Benefits of turning off Keurig

By simply switching off the power button on Keurig following benefits can be availed;

  1. It reduces or nullifies the chance of any electronic short circuit or damage to the property or home.
  2. Keurig machine is able to stay operative for a long period of time. Turning it off is considered as one of the most important maintenance steps which keeps the machine going on for a long period of time.
  3. While the machine is kept on for a long period of time, it might lead to wear and tear in the parts of machine. However by switching it off such wear and tear can be controlled and cost on repair or replacement of Keurig parts can be immensely saved.
  4. With machine turned off, cost spent on power can be immensely saved thus cutting down electricity cost for users and benefitting society as a whole.
The Last Words

So go ahead and choose the best Keurig Coffee makers in the market and turn it off by simply following steps mentioned above. Turning off brewing machines undoubtedly stands out as one of the most essential steps which should be carried out, no matter it is used for commercial or residential purposes. Users have to just press the power button and machine will be turned off. However to use it again, press the power button again.