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2015 NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run Official Race Instructions
Fall Race: September 19-20, 2015
Cleveland, OH, USA


Welcome! The NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run (abbreviated “NC24” throughout) is an exciting endurance race held on the shores of Lake Erie at Cleveland’s scenic Edgewater Park.
The 2015 race will be held on September 19-20, 2015.
We on the organizing committee sincerely hope that all runners enjoy the NC24 to its fullest. Please let us know how we can help you enjoy it more!

The Race
NC24 will have only one event in 2015 – a 24-hour run – beginning at 9:00 AM on Saturday, September 19th.
Runners will travel around a loop of just under one mile, covering as many miles as possible within the race’s specified time limit. Runners may elect to run any amount of time or distance that they wish. The overall winners will be those who cover the most distance within the race time limit.

The Course
The NC24 race course consists of a 0.90075-mile loop on the all-purpose path at Edgewater Park. The path is paved with asphalt and is ten feet wide. The course is almost perfectly flat. The NC24 course has been certified by the USATF (Certification Code OH 09008 PR). You may see the course certification by following this link.

We anticipate that the direction of travel will be CLOCKWISE around the course. The Race Directors will monitor the weather prior to the start of the NC24 and will make a final decision at that time.

Please note that we cannot close the course to all non-NC24-related traffic during the race. Edgewater Park is a public park, and you can expect to see some walkers, runners, and the occasional dog on a leash during the race. In general, the park is much less crowded in mid-September than it is during the summer months.

The western edge of the course loop features a picnic pavilion. The start line (and official timer and lap counter) will be located by this pavilion. Immediately after this pavilion will be the official NC24 aid station. Immediately after the aid station will begin the “aid area”. This area, which will likely include the entire western edge of the course loop, is where you may set up your own aid station. In past years, many runners have set up tables, tents, crew areas, etc., containing their own supplies. You may do so if you choose, but you are certainly not required to. The official aid station will supply plenty of excellent “ultra” food and drink to satisfy the needs of most runners.

A Google Maps rendition of the course and the surrounding area (showing the locations of the start line, aid station, and other points of interest) may be found here.

The NC24 will be held in the eastern portion of Edgewater Park, which is located just off the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway in Cleveland, Ohio. The park contains sandy beaches, tree-lined picnic areas, and panoramic views of the lake and of the downtown Cleveland skyline.
For directions, see the Location page here.

Schedule of Events

Friday, September 18th, 2015
6:00 PM: Optional meet/greet dinner.
(Details for this dinner will be provided as race day gets closer.)
Saturday, September 19th, 2015
6:00 AM: The gate to the central parking lot at Edgewater Park opens. This lot is the closest lot to the aid area, so you will likely want to park here. The north parking lot is open 24 hours.
7:30 AM to 8:45 AM: Race check in (at the picnic pavilion on the west side of the course). You will receive your bibs and goody bags at this time.
8:50 AM: Please be at the start line by this time. Any last-minute instructions will be provided at this time.
9:00 AM: Race start.
Sunday, September 20th, 2015
9:00 AM: 24-hour race finishes.
9:00 AM: Post-race breakfast. This breakfast will be FREE for all runners and volunteers.
10:00 AM: Award presentation.
10:30 AM: Get to sleep!

Aid Station
The course will feature one fully stocked aid station with great ultra fare throughout the run. Pizza, mac & cheese, bean burritos, sandwiches (turkey/egg/PB&J), potatoes, soup, pretzels, fruit, cookies, candy, and more foods will be served at various times. You won’t starve! We plan to offer plenty of vegan-friendly foods. We will also have many beverages available, including water, Gatorade, Heed, and various soft drinks.

Race Rules
The following rules are established for safety, fairness and decency. The NC24 is intended to be a competitive but also a fun event. No one on the race committee wants to be in the position of policing the runners. The last thing we want to have to do is to disqualify (DQ) a runner. Nevertheless, we will enforce the rules. At the race committee’s discretion, a minor offense, where advantage is not gained, will result in a warning to the runner. Also at the race committee’s discretion, major infractions, or minor ones by runners who have already had one warning, will result in a DQ. Please, please. please follow the rules, and everyone – the runners and those of us on the committee – will be extremely happy.
1) We assume that whether runners are moving fast or slow at any given time, all are trying for their best performance. Thus there is no need to move out of the way for someone who may want to pass. Faster runners should generally assume that they will have to pass slower runners on the outside. The only exception is runners who run together in groups. As noted, registered runners may run together, but if there are more than two abreast (or those walking slowly), please move to the outside of the all- purpose trail to let other runners get by. This rule is to ensure safety and a right of way for everyone.
2) There is one road crossing – a driveway into the parking lot. Traffic should be extremely light. During the entire race, a ranger and/or a volunteer will be stationed there for safety reasons. Follow their instructions! For that matter, always follow any and all safety instructions by volunteers and/or park rangers.
3) Runners may leave the course at any place or time. They may go where they please for as long as they please. When they re-enter the course, they must do so at the exact point where they left it. To assist the race committee, please tell a volunteer if you are leaving for good, or if you are leaving for an extended period with the intention of returning.
4) Runners may not run on the grass, either inside or outside the all-purpose trail.
5) There are plenty of restroom facilities and there will also be porta-johns. Use them, or face disqualification. ’nuff said.
6) There is no swimming after dark.
7) Runners may not use banned substances as defined by USATF and WADA. For more information, see USATF.
8) Cleveland Metroparks rules must be followed, including the one that states that alcoholic beverages are prohibited. (It’s not our rule – believe us, we’d love you to be able to enjoy a celebratory beer after running for hours and hours – but please comply with it, as we want to continue to get permits for future races.) For more information, see Cleveland Metroparks’ Website.
In addition, runners must share the park path and facilities with any others who may be present.
9) Headphones are now allowed for all competitors. All runners may use them as long as they do not impede anyone else’s progress or anyone’s safety.
10) Runners may use mobile phones while off the course, but not while on the course.
11) Pacing is not allowed.
12) Aid must be given in the “aid area”; this can include the tent area near the main aid station. Crew members providing aid may not accompany the runners for more than a few steps.
13) Trek poles are not allowed.

All runners will receive a commemorative award, regardless of the number of laps completed. Runners who achieve 100 miles will receive a special award in place of a medal.
In addition, the following race-specific awards will be presented:
The top three overall male and female runners will receive awards.
Awards will be given to the top male and female USATF runners in each of the following age categories: 0-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+. The following cash prizes will be awarded to the top USATF male and female runners:
1st Place: $1200
2nd Place: $800
3rd Place: $500

Edgewater Park is open 24 hours, but there are no camping areas. If you’re from out of town, it would be best if you have a hotel for the night.
There are many fine hotels located within a few miles of the park. For specific hotel information, please refer to http://www.northcoast24.org/hotels.html. You may also want to use a website such as Hotels.com. The address of the park location is: W. Shoreway Dr, Cleveland Ohio 44102

Registration is through Ultrasignup. Go to the NC24 website (http://www.northcoast24.com) and follow the Registration links.