How did the NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Run get started?

A few of us local (Northeast Ohio) ultrarunners decided to create it. We wanted to provide a venue where top ultrarunners as well as those who may be new to ultra-distances could run their best distance.

Why was Edgewater Park chosen for the location? 

It’s a beautiful park and it has a perfect 0.9 mile asphalt track for the event.

Why is it called “NorthCoast”? 

The Great Lakes form the frontier of the United States with Canada. Cleveland, Ohio is on that coast. To those of us here south of Canada, it’s our northern coast.

Please describe the course?

It is a 10′ wide paved asphalt oval with gentle corners. USATF Certified .90075 mile (Certification Code OH 09008 PR). This venue was chosen specifically to promote personal and national record-setting performances. We anticipate that the direction of travel will be CLOCKWISE around the course. The RD will monitor the weather prior to the start and make a final decision at that time.

Is the course closed? 

Edgewater Park is public land and cannot be closed for the run. We will be sharing the venue with the public. However, park Rangers employed by the run, along with volunteers, will be out along the course to ensure that runners aren’t distracted from their efforts. In general, the park will be much less crowded during our September weekend than in the summer months.

Where should I park?

There is plenty of parking at Edgewater Park. As you enter the park, drive straight through to the central parking area. If the gate is closed, or if a park officer disallows entry to this lot, you may park in the North lot. Instead of driving straight in, bear right to head north to this lot.

What’s this I hear about “midges”?  

Midges (members of the chironomidae family, to be more specific) are small insects that are well-known among Cleveland’s lake-shore communities. They appear each spring when the lake warms up, and again in the fall as the lake cools. As luck would have it, those are also the times of the year when the Fall NC24 race is held. They live for only a few days, then disappear until the next season. They are annoying but harmless bugs (they do not bite). Will there be midges on race day? We won’t know until race day is upon us. Just know that if they are present during the, they are nothing to worry about.

Will there be more NC24 races in future years? 

Yes! We’re planning to hold the NC24 run in future years.

I’ve registered but I can’t make it to the event. Can I transfer my registration to another person or can I apply it to next year’s entry?

Sorry but the answer is no to both questions: no transfers to other people and we can’t apply one year’s entry to another year. However, you may request a refund of your registration fee (minus a $25 processing fee) by submitting a written request to the NC24 race directors. We must receive your request no later than one month prior to the applicable race (i.e., by 11:59 PM on August 19, 2015). Any requests received after those deadlines will not be accepted.

What’s the weather like? 

Two words: it depends. Historically, you can probably expect highs around 70 degrees F and lows around 50 degrees F on race day. Because Edgewater Park is right on the lake, (a) the temperatures are typically several degrees cooler than they are inland, and (b) there is typically more wind. We will provide multiple updates on the weather in the days leading up to the race. The best advice is to be prepared for anything – it could be very warm during the day, and then be much cooler overnight, so bring adequate clothes and supplies.

Is Edgewater Park Safe? 

The park is open to the public. Due to some unfortunate occurrences of thefts, the race committee has drafted the following Safety and Security Policy: NC24 will employ a park ranger for the duration of the event. The ranger will be mainly responsible for safety at the point where the trail crosses the entrance driveway, but will also be available as needed for any possible crime or crime prevention within the park. In addition, the Race Organization will provide additional volunteers to monitor the safety and security of the participants, and call park rangers or police if necessary. Participants and their crews are responsible for their own belongings, and should leave nothing of value unattended. Although we’ll do the best we can, the organization assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items, or for any other crime of any kind.


What meals will be served?

A post-race breakfast will be served at 9:00 AM on Sunday. The breakfast is FREE to registered NC24 runners and volunteers. If you would like to purchase additional breakfasts for family members, support crew, etc., the charge is $10 per person.

Is there an entry limit?

No, although we may decide to set a date after which we will no longer accept entries. This will depend on how many we get – we will not allow the course to become too crowded.

How will my distance be recorded?

Chip timing will be used. Runners will be given credit for total distance traveled during the run.

How will my final distance be measured?

The number of laps will be counted and multiplied by the lap distance, which is just over 0.9 miles.
As the race approaches its conclusion, runners will be given a marker. At the end of the race, runners will drop that marker at their current location. This partial-lap distance will be measured and added to the total.

How accurate is the distance measurement, and why doesn’t it match my GPS measurement?

The course measurement and the chip timing (the counting of the laps for each runner) are both extremely accurate. GPS figures may vary widely; the only way that we can be off is if we do not count the laps correctly. Mistakes do happen, but they are astronomically rare.

What are the rules for leaving the course during the race?

 A runner may step off the course at any time in order to receive aid from the volunteers (within the aid area), receive her/his own aid, rest, use facilities, change clothes, check progress, or for any other reason. Runners must return to the course at the same point that they exited it. It is important that all participants understand this rule. We do not want to have to disqualify anyone for gaining advantage by cutting off any part of the course.

Where along the course is crew allowed?

Tents can be pretty much anywhere, as long as they are not in anyone else’s way. But a runner’s crew must provide aid within the designated area just past the start/finish area, on the western side of the course.

Can I use headphones/MP3 players/iPods during the race?

Yes. But we ask that you please stay aware of your surroundings, particularly other runners nearby.

Can I get to my car?

Yes, parking is close by. Pursuant to the answer above about leaving the course, you may leave the course and get to your car at any point during the race, provided that when you are ready to resume running, you re-join the course at the exact spot where you left it.

What restrooms/facilities are available? 

Porta-johns will be provided. Edgewater Park also has restroom facilities available by the North Lot (these facilities are open year round) and restroom/shower facilities at the pavilion (these facilities are seasonal; we will do what we can to have them available, but cannot promise their availability).

What kind of aid is available?

There will be one aid station that runners will encounter every 0.9 miles. The food selection will be plentiful and satisfying for ultrarunners. Runners with specific needs should pack their own.

Can I put up my own tent/aid station along the course?

Yes, on the western side of the course is best, by the main aid station and timing area. There are also several picnic tables available.

Will there be lighting on the course, or should I bring a headlamp?

There will be some lighting around the start/finish area, and there will be some ambient lighting from the nearby highway. There will, however, be some darker areas as well. Runners may indeed want to bring their own headlamps or other lighting devices with extra batteries. In past races, a majority of runners went without headlamps.

Will there be medical assistance available?

Yes. We plan to have medical personnel, podiatrists, and massage therapists available during the event. These services will be located in/by the pavilion on the western edge of the course.

Will the medical personnel have pain relieving medications (Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, etc.) available? 

No. Because of potential liability issues, our medical personnel will not be able to dispense any pain relieving medications to runners during or after the race. If you anticipate needing any of these medications during the race, you will need to provide your own supply, and you will be responsible for any illnesses/complications that arise from your use of such medications during the race.


What’s up with this National Championship stuff? I’m not a top runner. Can I still run NC24?

United States Track and Field (USATF) awarded the National Championship to NC24 this year. This means that the best runners in the country will be on hand to try to become National Champion, compete for age group awards, and to possibly be chosen for the National Team. But you do not have to be a top runner to participate. NC24 is open to all!

Do I need to join USATF in order to run?

No. But you may want to join, because this will enable you to win awards, even the age group ones. The awards are only given to USATF members. If you do decide to join USATF, you may do so at this link.

I don’t want to join USATF, and I won’t be contending for any awards. Can I use a pacer? 

No. All of the rules apply to all of the participants all of the time.


Do I need to rent a car?

Not necessarily. Everything is accessible through some combination of hotel shuttle, light-rail train or taxi. All the downtown hotels are a short taxi ride to the run site. All hotels can be reached from Hopkins airport by low-cost shuttle and or train. Please ask your hotel for details, or contact race management for help.

What hotels are in the area?

Plenty, including all of the major hotel chains. Here is a link From Hotels.com showing the hotels nearest to Edgewater Park.

Where can I Eat?

The short answer is: plenty of places. Check out this map of nearby restaurants.

Is overnight parking/camping allowed?

Yes, on the day of the race. Please see the Location page on this website for a detailed map of the site. http://northcoast24.org/location.html

What are the locations of camping facilities?

Camping is available in the park while the event is in progress. Please keep tents, tables, etc. a couple feet away from the all- purpose trail.

Is overnight parking allowed the night before the race?

No. The gate to the main parking area will open at 6am on race day.

STARBUCKS!! I NEED STARBUCKS!!! The nearest Starbucks location is at 11501 Clifton Boulevard in Lakewood, just a couple of minutes’ drive away from Edgewater Park. 5:30am to 11:00pm


Where can I ask additional questions?

The North Coast 24 Facebook group is the best way to get your questions answered, as it is checked daily by the race directors and any number of runners who have run this race before. We encourage you to ask any questions on your mind – if you have a question, chances are that several other people are wondering about it as well.

I am an average runner. Will I be as welcome as the elite ultrarunners?

Absolutely! We do our best to treat every runner as an elite!

I have never run an ultra before. Is this a good place to start?

Try it; we think it’s the best.

Will I be able to run my best distance? 

Only if you train for it. But those of us on the race committee are doing all we can to help.